Awesome Season, New Discoveries on Hilton Head Island


Hilton Head Island is a booming traveler destination for explorers, adventurers, families, sun worshipers, and relaxed vacationers alike. There are dozens of fun things to do, amazing things to see, and we have had an awesome summer with loads of fantastic, new discoveries at Island Head Watersports.  Closed through Spring 2018.


Amazing Jet Ski Adventures

Here at Island Head Watersports, we have a genuine passion and a deep love for the water, the salt marshlands, and Hilton Head Island itself. We have had a chance to see and meet so many wonderful people this year—many from different states, or even a few different countries. This season has been an absolute blast with shared explorations and adventures for our guests. 


★★★★★  Tim D. from Hilton Head, South Carolina, wrote, “We took the whole family, including three teen girls, a mom and dad, and an 80-year-old grandma. Everyone had a blast and the experience was amazing. We went parasailing, floating high above the water, seeing for miles around. Our crew was helpful and experienced, patient with those that needed extra help. They were willing to answer any question, and of course, focused on our safety—not just of those in the boat, but for everyone else on the water.”

★★★★★  K. Buckner from Manson, North Carolina, said, “We opted for the awesome Jet Ski Experience. Our instructor was very polite and accommodating. Loved seeing the places Forrest Gump was filmed. The creek was smooth, the bay was more challenging but nice. Great company with great employees. Will be back.”

★★★★★  B.M. Tripps, an Atlanta, Georgia native, had this to say, “I take my family to Hilton Head every year and our annual activity is parasailing. Island Head Watersports is by the best company we’ve used. The guides at Island Head were fun, engaging, informative, and awesome. Our 16-year-olds had an absolute blast. Great fun!”



How Our Guests Faced Their Fears and Had So Much Fun

Island Head Watersports specializes in parasails, paddleboards, jet skis, and banana boat rides, and each event is high-energy for a nice, thrilling adrenaline boost. From high-flyers, to navigating the waters at top speeds, many of our guests have been afraid, at first, of the adventures we offer. However, after a thorough, extensive, comprehensive introduction to the activity of their choice, they faced their fears and had heaps of fun. Everyone leaves with a grin plastered on their face and an experience to talk about for years to come. 



Braving Another Hurricane

The team at Island Head Watersports braved another significant storm late this season, Hurricane Irma. Unlike Hurricane Matthew last year, Palmetto Bay Marina was lucky not suffer the devastation and damage as before. "We're already using limited dock space since Hurricane Matthew washed most of it away.", says Partner, Michael Withrow. "We did have some water damage from Irma in our ticket office from the extreme high tides, but overall, our staff and equipment was safe."



Wrapping Up the Season

As the cooler weather heads to South Carolina, the team at Island Head Watersports bids you a temporary farewell as we close for the onset of chilled temperatures. Withrow says, "We use the off-season perform equipment maintenance and as well as additional training and certifications." We cannot wait to get back out on the water in Spring and Summer. Every year is better than the last—and that’s saying something since every year has, thus far, been fantastic for our IHW crew and our guests. 

Booking Watersports for the Upcoming Spring

Lovin’ the idea of adventure with Island Head Watersports? When our season rolls around again in April, give us a call at 1.843.686.4386 to book a reservation. Island Head Watersports, located on Hilton Head Island, seated on 86 Helmsman Way, is a South Carolina must-visit. You can keep up-to-date with the latest goings-on with Island Head Watersports via Facebook and Instagram. You can even share your feedback and experiences on TripAdvisor

Somewhere on a Beach is Where You Should Be with Island Head Watersports

  These first-timer's grin ear-to-ear as they enjoy parasailing over Hilton Head Island.

These first-timer's grin ear-to-ear as they enjoy parasailing over Hilton Head Island.

If seashores, clear-blue oceans, and pure white sands are your idea of paradise, then you should be somewhere on a beach with Island Head Watersports to guide your next adventure. The fun to be had is astronomical and only limited by your own imagination. Accomplish and experience things you never dreamed you would, like doing yoga on a paddle board, parasailing from the back of a speed boat, or [literally] hitting the waves when your water-bumping banana boat makes a splash. This is island life at its absolute best, and Island Head Watersports leads the way to a great time on Hilton Head Island.

Your Summer HHI Watersports Report

Top-rated on TripAdvisor with an awarded Certificate of Excellence, Island Head Watersports is one of the most popular watersports tours and rentals on Hilton Head Island. All of their activities come with instructions and/or professional guides/instructors. Some of their most notable attractions include:

  • Stand Up Paddle Boards are all the rage because you get a new perspective of the ocean and saltmarsh, while strengthening your core, toning your muscles, and retraining your body to accomplish better balance.
  • Jetskis and Waverunners are so much fun because you can whip through the water, ride the waves, and go as fast as you want.
  • Parasailing puts guests hundreds of feet in the air, above the water, so you get a bird’s eye view of Hilton Head Island and the surrounding seashores. With the wind whistling through your hair, and the sea breeze blowing your parachute open, you feel freer than you ever have.
  • Banana Boat Rides are bigtime popular with families and kids. Hop onto an inflatable banana with handles, and let a guide pull you through the waters at top speeds. Try to stay on while the waves and sea breeze splash and spray you. The pull is 4 miles in length, up and down Broad Creek coastlines.


What Others Say About Island Head Watersports

From Island Head Watersports’ Facebook to TripAdvisor, there is no shortage of positive reviews from hundreds of excited and satisfied Island Headers. Yep, Island Head Watersports has their own following of fans. Their fan-base is dedicated to providing others with need-to-know information about the best watersport elements, and you can rely on these reviewers for honest details about personal adventures and experiences.


“One of the best experiences I had during my vacation. The view was amazing when we were up there and the crew was awesome. I am very glad I got to knock this off my bucket list with a UFO parasail.” - Mitchel Feraco

We had the BEST experience parasailing today! The staff was exceptional in making sure there was an opportunity for me to ride the boat with my children. The boat captains were amazing along the ride. My children had the time of their lives and were ready to go again.” - Heather Cassidy

This outfit is top notch. I’ve rented jet skis and power boats from them – next up is parasailing with my family. They are pros and experienced at providing fun and safe experiences on the water. And, their equipment is always in great shape. Thanks Island Head Watersports!” - Alfred Olivetti

As They Say, Pictures are Worth Thousands of Words

The guides of Island Head Watersports encourage you to take your camera with you whenever you experience one of their handcrafted adventures. Hundreds of past guests have provided IHWS with their own photographs, taken during numerous adventures and watersport adventures around Hilton Head Island. And the IHWS team often provide followers with Instagram pictures to remind them of the fun that awaits.



The Info You Need to Know

When you book an adventure, remember to pack a few essentials beforehand. For example, waterproof sunscreen, bug spray, and sunglasses are always great ideas. Island Head Watersports is an adventuresome destination that provides reasons for travelers to explore and have fun on their Hilton Head Island vacation. Book your reservations online, or call 843-686-4386.



Family-Fun Activities Back at Palmetto Bay Marina

  "Creating family-fun vacation memories right here out of Palmetto Bay Marina."

"Creating family-fun vacation memories right here out of Palmetto Bay Marina."

Summer is always a blast at Palmetto Bay Marina! The marina is tucked away near the Cross Island Parkway (bridge), but is filled with so much to do. Did you know this was the first marina ever built on Hilton Head Island? Since 1959, Palmetto Bay Marina Village has hosted fishing, sailing, parasailing, wave runners, boat rentals, tours, kayaks, restaurants, gifts, and so much more. There are three restaurants with both indoor and outdoor dining areas, and two outdoor bars. Several times a day, you can watch the marina’s 70-ton travel-lift haul out or launch boats from the Palmetto Bay docks.

The Palmetto Bay Marina that you see now is not the same one it was about a year ago. It was violently hit by Hurricane Matthew, causing it to be evacuated in October of 2016. Hurricane Matthew had 88 mile-per-hour winds and a storm surge of roughly 12 and a half feet. People brought their boats to the marina before evacuating, thinking it would be a safer place, but they were very wrong. So many boats were tossed together and washed ashore at the marina—all in a large pile. The docks also became loose and let go, resulting in complete destruction. Despite this setback, several months later, Palmetto Bay Marina is showing signs of progress as its residents and tenants continue to rebuild.


  A single remaining dock is home to Island Head Watersports and The Black Sparrow Pirate Cruise.

A single remaining dock is home to Island Head Watersports and The Black Sparrow Pirate Cruise.

hilton head island watersports AdventureS

One of the newest attractions to Hilton Head Island calls themselves Island Head Watersports, and resides from Palmetto Bay Marina. The group of island lovers offer a premium family-run water experience unlike anything else on Hilton Head Island.

Top-ranked on TripAdvisor, and receiver of the Certificate of Excellence, Island Head Watersport takes your family on breathtaking tours that you can’t get anywhere else. USCGA Licensed Captains serve as your trusty navigator, offering new perspective on exquisite landscapes of the Palmetto Bay Marina and surrounding seashores and saltmarshes. Looking for activities with both high-speeds and adventure? Look no further!

Island Head Watersports has been a blessing to the Palmetto Bay Marina, as so many past travelers thought that Hurricane Matthew put the marina out of commission permanently. But IHWS has given the marina new purpose. And, in turn, these docks are back with a passion and resilience that shines in the dozens of activities available for all kinds of Hilton Head Island visitors.

With Island Head Watersports, you can embark on a thrilling 75-minute Hilton Head Island jet ski tour in the largest riding area of the Island. You can ride a single wave runner, or even double wave runners, with your friends and loved ones. How cool! If you’re seeking a real Hilton Head Island thrill ride, you are sure to enjoy the high-flying family fun of parasail. Or, hop on one of many charters to take a tour of surrounding islands and wildlife. You can kayak with your family, set sail on sunset cruises, or invest in a life-changing dolphin tour.

TripAdvisor reviewers have taken to the internet to express their love for both Palmetto Bay Marina and Island Head Watersports are several occasions. Some of the most popular reviews have stated that the guides could not have been better, whole families have loved the adventures, and many first-timers to waters ports have gained confidence in trying new things and delving into more vacation adventures.


Things to Know About Island Head WATERSPORTS And Where to End Your Day

Reservations are a must with Island Head Watersports, but many of the shops and restaurants at Palmetto Bay Marina are perfect for impromptu walk-in visits. If you plan on doing any watersports, give them a call at 843-686-4386 to check their schedule and see what’s on the roster for the day.

When you have had your fill of Island Head Watersports, bid a fond farewell to your guides with promises to return. Then head over to one of Palmetto Bay Marina’s many restaurants, like Black Marlin Bayside Grill, Palmetto Bay Sunrise Café, or Carolina Crab Company. Palmetto Bay Marina and Island Head Watersports are two of the biggest must-see destinations in Hilton Head Island. So, do yourself a memorable favor and book a few tours, have a few adventures, and explore all of the great things that these areas have to offer.

Want to Experience a New Adventure? Stand Up Paddle. Give it a Try!

Located at 86 Helmsman Way on Hilton Head in South Carolina, we at Island Head Watersports are dedicated to your new experiences, explorations, and adventures. We want you to have the utmost fun on your vacations. And if you get a stellar adrenaline rush while having a great time, then so be it. While we offer a plethora of awesome water sports, one of our most popular activities involves a paddle board and a stretch of calm waters.

What’s So Great About Paddle Boarding?

Paddle boarding is an excellent form of exercise that works every muscle in your body. You use your core muscles to maintain balance and keep upright on the board, while your legs hold you steady, and your arms ensure a smooth, strong push forward with the paddle. Considered low impact, many paddle boarders initially got into paddle boarding with fitness in mind. The movements and maintenance of strong stability builds your strength and tones your muscles.

Paddle boarding is for all ages. But we at Island Head Watersports recommend that kids be at least 12 years of age before taking a paddle board lesson and tour. Children of this age, and older, generally have better command and control over their bodies, so they will be able to pick up balance and stability quicker.

When you paddle board, either alone or with a guide, a sense of calm and serenity washes over you. There you are, standing tall on a board in open waters, paddle in hand, and relaxation flowing through your body. You have complete control over your destination in that moment. You can go anywhere, and there is so much to see. You could spend hours cruising the water at a smooth, flawless glide that takes you around Hilton Head Island.

Paddle boarding offers you a new perspective on the world from the water. Usually, when you glide across the water, it’s in a boat or something where you sit down. You stand for the majority of time when you’re on a paddle board, so you get to see things from different angles. Instead of trying to look through marsh reeds, you could see overtop of them to the wonders and beauties that lie on the other side.

Paddle Boarding at Island Head Water Sports

Our paddle boarding tours last for an hour after departure from Palmetto Bay Marina docks. We teach you all of the basic of paddle boarding within that hour, from how to keep your balance, to how to move quickly and effortlessly through the water with a single stroke. We even teach you how to use the natural water currents to your advantage, as well as safety rules that you should definitely follow when using a paddle board.

On our one-hour tour, you will see the gorgeous marshlands of Broad Creek and surrounding Hilton Head Island. Look for the natural habitats of marshland animals. Or, look to the waters for a variety of fish and mammals, such as manatees, bottlenose dolphins, and nurse shark or two.

If an hour seems too short, you can go with our Stand Up Paddleboard 101 lesson. This tour is 2 hours long and goes more in depth with balance, stance, paddle strokes, and current changes. The guides will even teach you how to use paddle boarding as a form of meditation with basic paddle board yoga moves and float-style relaxation. Space is limited for our paddle board lessons and tours, so reserve your spot at $35 per person for a two-hour stint.

More Information for Paddle Boarders to Be

Out of the hundreds of visitors to grace us with their presence, several have taken to TripAdvisor to write positive reviews and high praise. You can check it out for an extra boost of inspiration before you book.  Or, check out this review example from Big Al Rob from Madison, Wisconsin.

“Signed up for early morning stand up paddle board yoga, and it was awesome! Not only was it rejuvenating, but we saw a lot of wildlife right next to our boards. I would recommend both SUP yoga and Island Head Watersports for anyone looking to do some activities on the water.”

Feeling inspired to do some paddle boarding? Call us at 843-686-4386 or book your reservations online here.


Fun Jet Ski Tours With The Family

If you thought you had the most fun on your last family vacation, you obviously haven’t tried out the best jet skis (wave runners) in Hilton Head Island. We're talking about Island Head Watersports. What is an Island Head, you ask? It’s a state of mind achieved by following one’s passion in the right place with the right people; if it’s only for a day or a lifetime. That's right. Jet Ski with a touch a zen. In this post, you'll learn the best place to experience an awesome family jet ski tour in the Lowcountry.


Island Head Watersports will take you on a guided jet ski tour starting from the docks at Palmetto Bay and into the heart of island, Broad Creek. You will follow an Island Head Guide as you leisurely explore the creek. Once you make your way through the creek, the waterway opens into the Calibogue Sound. Here you'll find the biggest riding area in the entire island, and you'll be able to cruise at your own pace. You could choose to have a fast exciting ride, or a slow calm ride to take in all of the beautiful Lowcountry surroundings. You might even be able to catch a glimpse of local Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. There is so much to see on your tour, but this isn’t all Island Head Watersports has to offer when it comes to jet skis.

If you would like a more specialized and unique tour, you can request a “Creek Run”. You and your tour guide will navigate through tranquil secluded creeks and marshland. This gives you a chance to see even more wildlife than before. It is such an exciting adventure, and definitely a unique way to get out on the water to experience the island.  

Each jet ski (waverunner) adventure lasts about 75 minutes. You must be 18 or older with a valid driver’s license to operate a single jet ski. If you are under the age of 18, you must ride with an adult. The jet ski’s have an affordable price compared to other jet skis operators in the area. The price for jet ski rentals ranges from $129 - $199 plus tax. Single and double jet skis available. There is a $25 additional charge for the optional Creek Run Tour. All jet ski tours are lead by USCGA Licensed Captains.

Best Rated Jet Ski Tours

The jet ski tours are loved by lots of families who come time and time again. Island Head Watersports is rated at 5 stars on TripAdvisor and has earned the cherished TripAdvisor "Certificate of Excellence". For a local activities company, the number of reviews are through the roof. This speaks volume to the best level of service they bring to Hilton Head this summer. 

A recent guest, Lauren, from Pennsylvania, wrote: [5 Stars] “It was the best jet ski experience we've ever had in Hilton Head. Great equipment, great staff! Brandon was our tour guide. He was responsive to our requests, and the team show us the time of our life. The Creek Tour was worth every penny. This will be a must-do for our annual HHI vacation moving forward! Thank you!” See more jet ski reviews on TripAdvisor.

Booking a Jet Ski Rental or Tour

An experience with Island Head Watersports will leave you with so many unforgettable memories. Kick back, relax, and cool off with Island Head Watersports. The docks are located at Palmetto Bay Marina, 86 Helmsman Way, Hilton Head, SC. Use this Google map link to see the directions and location. Reservations are required for all of our Hilton Head activities.

To book your jet ski tour or rentals, you can book online or call at 843-686-4386. The normal operating hours are 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM daily. No alcohol, smoking, coolers, or BYOB permitted. Parking is free - no gate pass required!

Come be an island head with us today!


Creating memories to last a lifetime...

Our goal at Island Head Watersports is to create a wonderful long last memory for each one of our guest while visiting Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. We understand that this could be your only time of the year to really sit back relax and enjoy yourself. We invite you to come down to Palmetto Bay Marina and visit us for all your watersports needs.


We offer parasailing, jet ski rentals, paddle boarding tours, and banana boat rides. There is something for everyone! Getting out on the water while visiting Hilton Head is a must.

 Island Head Watersports

Island Head Watersports

Parasailing in Hilton Head is hard to beat. Everyone goes up side by side and can expect to soar four hundred feet over the water. Our custom Ocean Pro Parasail Boat is built for your comfort. We can take up to twelve passengers per trip and you will be on the boat for ninety minutes on a full boat. The views are breath taking! Get wet or stay dry.


 Parasailing Island Head

Parasailing Island Head

Renting a jet ski on Hilton Head Island is a wonderful experience. From dock to dock you will be on the water for seventy five minutes. You are in control! You can rip it up or take it at a nice steady pace.


 Jet Ski Rental at Island Head Watersports

Jet Ski Rental at Island Head Watersports


Island Head Watersports out of Palmetto Bay MarinaI

Island Head Watersports offers family fun for all ages. Operating out of Palmetto Bay Marina, Hilton Head Island's oldest marina. Offering parasailing, jet ski rentals, banana boat rides, and paddle boarding trips.



 Parasailing with Island Head

Parasailing with Island Head

Visitors looking for activities with speed and adventure, look no further! Embark on a thrilling 75 minute Hilton Head jet ski tour in one of the largest riding area of the island. Single and double Wave Runner rentals available. 


 Waverunner rental with Island Head

Waverunner rental with Island Head

Visitors seeking a real Hilton Head thrill ride will enjoy high flying family fun parasail for beautiful views of the Island and beyond. Hilton Head parasailing is an experience you will not soon forget.

Banana Boat, Banana Boat, Banana Boat! Hop aboard , hang on, and enjoy the big inflatable Banana Boat tour for a ride of a lifetime. This is a popular activity for kids.

For more of a peaceful dose of outside, escape into the waterways of the pristine Lowcountry. Visitors can reserve a Stand Up Paddle Boarding tour or Yoga session. Low impact, scenic views, and time to reflect.



 Island Head Watersports

Island Head Watersports

Jet Ski Rentals out of Palmetto Bay Marina

What is a summer vacation without renting a jet ski? Island Head Watersports offers single and double jet ski rentals out of historic Palmetto Bay Marina. You will be on the water for 75 minutes. Island Head Watersports number 1 priority is your safety. Once you check in, the staff will then go through an in-depth safety orientation. The orientation will cover all the local boating laws and operation of the jet ski. 

Then you are off! You will have a short commute to the riding area that will take you through the beautiful waterways of Broad Creek. You will pass some of the most sought after properties Hilton Head Island has to offer. Broad Creek is also one of Hilton Head's hot spots for dolphins, so keep on the lookout!

Once you enter the riding area, it is game on! You will have approximately an hour to free ride in one of Hilton Head's largest riding areas. You control your speed and ride, so customize it to your liking. Whether you choose a fast and riveting ride or cruise slow and steady, you will be able to take in the beautiful surroundings the low country has to offer.



 Jet Ski Rental with Island Head Watersports

Jet Ski Rental with Island Head Watersports

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a low impact water sport, strengthening and toning every muscle in the body. It focuses on creating core strength and stability as you float on top of the water. Our Paddle Board Tours depart from the docks of Palmetto Bay Marina, and are 1 hour instructional tour. The guide will teach you the fundamentals of paddling and technique. Use your strength to paddle against the current, while you enjoy a nice easy glide return with the current. Take in the beautiful sights and marshlands of Broad Creek, perhaps seeing our indigenous wildlife, such as our Bottle Nose Dolphin. We recommend that you be atlas 12 years of age.

Book online at

or call 843-686-4386


 Sunset paddle board tour with Island Head Watersports

Sunset paddle board tour with Island Head Watersports

Hilton Head Island, SC

Hilton Head is America’s favorite island, offering 12 miles of pristine beaches and everything you need for the ultimate retreat. Enjoy fun days relaxing in the sun, sand and surf on some of the best beaches in the country. Check out Island Head Watersports, for your fix on the water. From parasailing, jet ski rentals, paddle boarding, and even the banana boat. Their trips are booked out of Palmetto Bay Marina, the island's oldest marina. Get into the swing of things with 24 world class golf courses and 350 tennis courts, and experience our rich and vibrant history. Don’t miss exploring the island by water and discovering our famous Lowcountry cuisine at over 250 restaurants.Experience and explore all that Hilton Head Island has to offer.

-Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce 


 Jet Skis at Island Head Watersports

Jet Skis at Island Head Watersports